Jon French

Jon French

-President/Owner of the MA FRENCH Foundation

-Design and production engineer of the French Visually Impaired Sighting System (VISS)(2015-Present)

-Bachelor’s and Masters of Science from Michigan Technological University in Geological, Civil Engineering (1998/2000)

-Combat Engineer (12B) for the 1431st EN CO <SAPPER>, 107th EN BT, MI Army National Guard (2007-Present)

  • Duties include: Staff Sergeant (SSG/E-6) Squad Leader, Designated Marksman (DM) Small Arms Master Gunner (SAMG), 1431st Unit Marksmanship Coordinator, Master Resiliency Trainer (MRT)

  • Military Training/Certification: Advanced Leadership Course (ALC),OPFOR/IED/SET, Small UAS (Raven) Operator, Squad Designated Marksman, Warrior Leadership Course (WLC), Engagement Skills Trainer 2000, Defence Advanced GPS Receiver, Small Arms Master Gunner CRS, Combat Engineer (12B)

  • Awards/Decorations: US Army Excellence in Competition (EIC) Rifle Badge, Governor’s Twenty Badge (Rifle), Purple Heart….others.

  • WIA -RC East, Paktika Province, Afghanistan (2009): struck in front level IV chest plate by a Rocket Propelled Grenade (RPG) during route clearance/route recon patrol

-Owner/Head Farrier: Frenchie’s Farrier Service (FFS) (2010-Present)

-Project Manager/Engineer: Baraga Telephone Company/Peninsula Fiber Network (PFN), Baraga, MI (2004-Present)

-Project Manager/Engineer: Peninsula Fiber Network, Baraga, MI (2004-Present)

-Certified Hunter Safety Instructor, Department of Natural Resources -State of Michigan (1995-Present)

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